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Zoom Do’s and Zoom Don’ts

Setting up a Zoom call with an expert and several prospects is an awesome way to make things happen for your business. However, there are a few things you should know about how to maximize the value of...

Edification is Everything

Edification matters.

Trunited offers a time-tested script for success, and it is centered around proper edification (talking up an expert before introducing them). If you're following that scrip...

Quality Over Quantity

So you're building your business and you're hungry for results.

You've started scheduling several people to reach out to each and every day and you're piling up numbers. But then you look at you...

Seize the Day!

Ready to build your business for long-lasting success?

If that's your goal, there is one day that is more important than every other day.


There is no day mo...

Three Things to Believe In

When you look back in history, there aren't a lot of stories about people who hit it big despite not having a strong belief in their actions. The big time entrepreneurs, for example, are usually people...