The New and Improved TruWallet Makes Shopping and Earning Easy

As someone who loves to live life and get paid, the TruWallet is the key to your kingdom. When you keep your TruWallet funded, it allows you to load up on profit points just by shopping for the things you already buy. So keeping your TruWallet funded is a big deal.

That’s why we’ve worked to make a bigger, better, easier-to-use TruWallet!!!

Benefits of the new TruWallet include:

  • No start-up fees

  • No monthly fees

  • A simpler user interface

  • The ability to see your TruWallet balance without logging into TruWallet

  • Faster TruWallet funding with Zelle

  • Funding with credit and debit cards

It’s never been easier to fund your TruWallet. Almost all transactions are now funded within minutes instead of hours!!!

So be ready to snatch profit points with ease. Get out there and get paid for enjoying life.