The Power of 2 Products, 3 Steps…and How to Launch Right, Every Time

There are many reasons why all of the top entrepreneurs in Trunited use the 2 Products, 3 Steps approach.

For one, consider the above quote by Steve Jobs.

So much effort has gone into making this process as efficient and streamlined as possible. Those who came before you have put in a lot of time, thought, and energy to make sure you can build your business the perfect way.

So why two products?

The Trunited Family drives sales to loyal brands. In turn, those brands agree to pay Trunited a percentage of each sale. Trunited then passes 100% of the profits back to you. The more a brand agrees to pay, the more profit each member receives.

Getting the most bang for your buck is vital, and Healthy Vida and Vengo offer significantly more bang for your buck than any other brand.

These two products offer so much back to Trunited members, in fact, that they allow the system to reward full match points to those who “TruBox” them. You can still get partial match points by building with other products (and more if you order enough each month), but full match points are already built into the “Two Products, Three Steps” model.

The other products and services available on are awesome. Most top leaders use them as well. But they’re gravy. Start with the meat and potatoes.

Again, simple can be harder than complex, and that work has already been done for you. Everything you need to build the right way, every time, is at All you have to do is read it and follow the process!

1) It explains 2 Products, 3 Steps.

2) It shows the tremendous earning potential anyone has by following those steps.

3) It has a proven dialogue (created by experienced Trunited leaders) for how to connect new people with success.

4) It takes you through the perfect process of getting those new connections launched with Trunited.