The Real Meaning of Failure

Type “failure” into Google and the first things you’ll see are two definitions.

The first definition is the one that comes to mind first for most people. It’s commonly understood that failure means lack of success.

Understanding that definition doesn’t do anyone much good.

However, take a good look at that second definition. There’s something very valuable to learn there.

Failure: the omission of expected or required action

There’s a lot to gain from that.

Trunited leaders have laid out a plan for expected action:

Reach out and share Trunited 20 Times a Day, 7 Days a Week, for 1 Year.

Is that required?


Is it expected?

If you want to see the results you dream about…if you want to LIVE your WHY…Yes. This is expected action.

Unlink your perception of failure from immediate results. Instead, connect YOUR SUCCESS to YOUR ACTIONS.

You have direct control over your success for the next year. The only real failure is giving up.